3 Must-Visit Club Scenes In Leidseplein, Amsterdam


A Top Notch Place

3 Must-Visit Club Scenes In Leidseplein, Amsterdam

Nightlife in Amsterdam is as vibrant and multifaceted as the colorful lights of its night hubs. If there is a list of places you would want to be at night, Amsterdam has got to be top notch for several reasons. First, there are just so many things to do and so many places to while away your night. You can go dancing, watch concerts, have an intimate dinner, be in a night theater, lounge bars, coffee shops, and more.

Another reason is that the music, dance and theater venues have interesting origins ranging from being a former church, factory, printing press or a school and lastly the approachable and welcoming locals.

The sprawling nightlife in Amsterdam takes place largely in two of its squares namely Leidseplein and Rembrandt. The Leidseplein nightlife hub is a guaranteed zero let down, with a few surprises.

A Top Notch PlaceScene #1 - MelkwegScene #2 - Sugar FactoryScene #3 - The Paradiso ClubImage Map
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