4 Things To Do In Romantic Lviv, Ukraine


A Charming Medieval City

4 Things To Do In Romantic Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is the place to go when you are in the mood for culture and romance in Ukraine. This charming medieval city is home to the country with some of the best preserved Renaissance architecture as well as some of the most impressive museums and art galleries. Cultural performances are also a must-see in the area, where theatres are bustling not only with flair but also with great talents and skills. The city also has a reputation for its revelries. Even when there are no celebration in place, you can just visit the many pubs and cafes to experience first hand the locals’ high spirits and penchant for festivities.

Getting to Lviv is easy. You can take direct international flights from the various major cities in Europe such as Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich and Warsaw and you will get delivered to the city’s international airport which is only a little over 4 miles from the lovely downtown area. There are also multiple daily flights from the capital city of Kiev but if budget is a concern or you prefer to travel by rail, you can also take an overnight train to Lviv.

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