5 Ways To Fully Enjoy Korce, Albania


A Charming and Endearing Vibe

5 Ways To Fully Enjoy Korce, Albania

Unlike the austere impression that Tirana, Albania almost always gives tourists at first glance, Korce presents a charming and endearing vibe that entices visitors to stay and savor what it has to offer.

Perhaps, it has something to do with Korce’s idyllic location high above the hinterlands of southeastern Albania. Possibly, it is the warm small town atmosphere, the beautiful locals, or the exciting beer festival. Whatever may be the source of this town’s allure, one thing is for sure – it is a must see when you are visiting Albania.

A Charming and Endearing Vibe#1 - Stress Free Travel#2 - Pick An Atmospheric Hotel#3 - Visit The Kisha e Ristozit#4 - Check Out The Archaeology Museum#5 - Don't Miss The Pazari TradicionalImage Map
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