6 Great Attractions In Gothenburg, Sweden


A Must See Scandinavian City

6 Great Attractions In Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, next to Stockholm, is a major cultural destination in Sweden. It has plenty of attractions that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the country. It is also a famous gastronomic destination that will delight even the most discriminating palate. Moreover, it has some of the most exciting shopping locations that will excite any avid shopper. All these, taken together, make it a must see Scandinavian city.

Those who dig culture and sophistication will have plenty of attractions to visit in Gothenburg. Of course, the most obvious options are the impressive and world-renowned museums in the city.

A Must See Scandinavian CityAttraction #1 - The Universeum And Museum Of World CultureAttraction #2 - The Gothenburg Art MuseumAttraction #3 - Gothenburg OperaAttraction #4 - Elfsborg FortressAttraction #5 - World-Class RestaurantsAttraction #6 - Shopping DistrictsImage Map
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